We will not rest until we have raised the consciousness of the entire hospice community and the entire American Jewish community – the natural hyphenation of “Jewish” and “Hospice” and, thank God, we are making even greater strides every single year. Recently people have asked “can we put you in our will?” We have received funds from wills, estates, trust funds and other fiduciary devices and they have made all the difference in the world to the people who need us.

If you, or someone you know, is now preparing to set aside funds to be distributed after their deaths, or more critically, in special trusts to be held for them during their lifetimes, the NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH HOSPICE, which invests only in vulnerable Jewish populations, could well use the income.

I pray that you will have good years ahead of you. That none of you, your friends or relatives will need the use of our service.  But you know that we will be there – if God forbid you need us- and that you will support those of us who need to support them. God bless you, Shanah Tovah and a Happy New Year.

Rabbi, Dr. Maurice Lamm. President, NIJH

Rabbi Maurice Legacy Fund

The Perfect Introduction of Your Hospice
To Your New Jewish Patient and Their Family

Each Hope in a Box contains:

  • An introductory note from Rabbi Maurice Lamm
  • 2 Set CD – “Hope; A Powerful Ray of Sunshine”
  • Caring for Yourself When You Are Caring
    for Someone Who is Ill (booklet)
  • Prayer and Hope (booklet)
  • For Families of the Jewish Terminally Ill (booklet)
  • Singing Breaks the Spiritual Deadlock (booklet)
  • The Jewish Living Will
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