Nathan Adelson Hospice

Serving Las Vegas Area
4141 Swenson St.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Fax 702-938-3900

General Information:        
Contact Person for Referrals:    Matthew Cox
Title of Contact Person:              Director of Referral Relations
Contact Person Direct Phone:   702-218-1097
Contact Person Email:       

Rabbi Maurice Legacy Fund

The Perfect Introduction of Your Hospice
To Your New Jewish Patient and Their Family

Each Hope in a Box contains:

  • An introductory note from Rabbi Maurice Lamm
  • 2 Set CD – “Hope; A Powerful Ray of Sunshine”
  • Caring for Yourself When You Are Caring
    for Someone Who is Ill (booklet)
  • Prayer and Hope (booklet)
  • For Families of the Jewish Terminally Ill (booklet)
  • Singing Breaks the Spiritual Deadlock (booklet)
  • The Jewish Living Will
  • Order Form Download