NIJH provides hospice training and accreditation through the annual national conference, which takes place in November.

This conference brings together people from hospices across the country in related fields, including administrators, chaplains of all faiths, psychologists, nurses, bereavement counselor and social workers. It is an intensive day of sessions, presenting the best minds in the field to lecture and discuss all aspects of hospice and the Jewish terminally ill.

Sessions have included:

  • Jewish Medical Ethics & End-of-Life Care
  • Jewish Practices You Should Know
  • Jewish Holidays: What & Why
  • Connecting Across Religious Lines With Integrity
  • The Psychology of the Dying Person
  • The Poetry of Persistence In End of Life Care
  • Jewish Family Expectations; Function & Dysfunction
  • Tahara: Treating the Body with Purity and Dignity
  • In the Face of Insanity; How Do Caregivers Maintain Their Balance
  • The Jewish Community: How Hospice Can Work For You

Our past presenters have included;

  • Rabbi Dr. Maurice Lamm, President and Founder NIJH, author of five
    major books, and Professor at Yeshiva University, where he holds the Chair in
    Professional Rabbinics.
  • Dr. Samuel Klagsburn, Psychiatrist, Medical Director at Four Winds
    Hospital, consultant to the St. Christopher’s Hospice in London, lecturer at the
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  • Rabbi Dr. Earl Grollman, Ph. D, internationally recognized bereavement
    counselor and former chairman of the National Center of Death Education.
  • Dr. Barry Kinzbrunner, Executive Vice President & Chief Medical
    Officer, Vitas Innovative Hospice Care
  • Rabbi Dr. William H. Cutter, Ph. D, Steinberg Emeritus Professor of
    Human Relations at Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, Los
    Angeles, California
  • Accreditation is valid for one year, with re-accreditation every
    following year.

Rabbi Maurice Legacy Fund

The Perfect Introduction of Your Hospice
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  • For Families of the Jewish Terminally Ill (booklet)
  • Singing Breaks the Spiritual Deadlock (booklet)
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