Conference 2021

NIJH Virtual Accreditation Conference

November 18 & 19, 2021

Providing education, resources, and accreditation for Jewish hospice.

For Doctors, Nurses, Administrators, Chaplains, Social Workers, and ALL Hospice Professionals!

Conference sessions include:

  • Jewish medical ethics
  • End of Life caring and issues from a Jewish perspective
  • Jewish aspects of consolation and bereavement
  • Caring for different groups within Judaism
  • much, much more!

Plus, network with Hospice Professionals for across the United States!

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NIJH Accreditation offers:
  • Train your staff to serve Jewish patients in a culturally-sensitive way
  • Create greater Jewish patient and family satisfaction
  • Build your reputation in the Jewish community
  • Grow your business with new clients from the Jewish community
  • Jewish holiday information distributed before every holiday
  • Access to all NIJH materials
  • Media and Marketing kit
  • Listing on the NIJH website

“As a Christian working in a Jewish hospice, I was not away of many customs. It was imperative of me to learn and understand the customs to be able to provide holistic care. Thank you!”

“In the past 36 years, NIJH has accredited hundreds of hospices and trained thousands of hospice professionals. We have made a significant difference in teh care of the Jewish terminally ill.”
– Shirley Lamm, President NIJH

“This conference opened my eyes and my mind to the significance of what we do for those Jewish patients who are coming to the end of their life. It is so fulfilling!”