For Hospice Providers

What can NIJH Accreditation do for your organization?

When you train your staff with knowledge of Jewish culture, values and traditions, you will create greater satisfaction from your Jewish clients and their families. The NIJH Accreditation will generate client comfort and referrals, resulting in growth of your business. (more…)

The 2024 NIJH Conference takes place November 21, 2024

Participation in our annual conference is one of the requirements for National Institute of Jewish Hospice Accreditation and Re-Accreditation.

Build your reputation in the Jewish Community

Through the NIJH training, your staff will gain enhanced understanding of Jewish culture and religion, and their impact on death and dying. They will integrate understanding of Jewish medical ethics into hospice care, and they will discover unique aspects of Jewish grief and mourning.

The annual NIJH Conference

Participation by your hospice at our annual NIJH Conference is one of the requirements for accreditation. The NIJH Conference features sessions on; Jewish Medical Ethics, End-of-Life caring from a Jewish perspective, Jewish aspects of Consolation and Bereavement, caring for different groups within Judaism and other important topics. Attendees participate in dynamic breakout sessions, and network with hospice professionals from across the U.S.

Staff Training

NIJH Accreditation includes annual training of your staff members (nurses, social workers, chaplains, aides, etc.) who interact with the patient and/or the patient’s family. You will have access to 6 NIJH Training Videos that can be uploaded into your training system, covering all aspects of Jewish Heritage & Holidays, Jewish Medical Ethics and The Final Journey — Death, Burial and Mourning. Through NIJH training, your staff will gain enhanced understanding of Jewish culture and religion, and how it relates to death and dying.

NIJH Jewish Holiday Information

Before every Jewish holiday, you will receive an informational sheet about the holiday. It includes historical background, holiday observances and possible hospice concerns. Distributing this information to all your staff enhances their knowledge of Jewish culture, religion and history.

Access to All NIJH Materials (coming soon)

As a NIJH Accredited hospice, you will have free access to all of our material on our website. You will be able to download articles, pamphlets, audio lectures and The NIJH Living Will with Durable Power of Attorney, “Vidui”- The Final Prayer card, and “Guidelines” (what to do at death, preparing the body and the funeral), for use in your hospice.

Listing on our Website

As a NIJH Accredited Hospice, your hospice will be listed on our website, enabling people to find your hospice and your contact information easily.

Media and Marketing Kit

You will also be provided with the NIJH Accredited Hospice Media and Marketing Kit for promoting your new accreditation status, and your being a new resource for the Jewish community. This will enable your organization to build a network of Jewish connections of rabbis, temples, organizations, etc.

“As a Christian working in a Jewish hospice, I was not aware of many customs. It was imperative of me to learn and understand the customs to be able to provide holistic care. Thank you!”